“I could see The Fledglings being a great band to see live … almost every song had me dancing like a maniac in my chair. We’re All Gonna Die is worth a listen for anyone who enjoys The Mowgli’s, Grouplove or really any happy music in general. This one will put a smile on your face.”


“What makes The Fledglings an intriguing listen is how they inject a Fiery Furnaces and/or Ween weirdness into their indie-pop sound. Crooked pop songs are chock full of spacey keyboards (“Krystal”), oddball jig-like rhythms (“Catching A Raindrop”) or psychedelic rainbow melodies (“Paternoster (Inhale Balloons)”). Yet the Austin trio, while tip toward the oddball side of things, do stay grounded and never get too caught up in experimentation, which so far has yielded very promising results. ”

Richard Giraldi, (Jul 06, 2011)