Pecan Street Festival 9.30.12 in Downtown Austin, TX

Playing the Pecan Street Festival was a great experience. There was a diverse crowd milling about and it was a beautiful, although a bit windy, day. One member of the audience kept requesting that Lucy Ryder (the band who played prior to us) play some Ozzy Osbourne, and then an adorable little girl shouted out a request for Justin Bieber. They obliged with a Sabbath riff but didn’t seem to know any Bieber. No one screamed out random requests during our set, but we had a great time playing and enjoyed the other bands we saw and visited some of the vendor booths. If you have never been to this event, you should go next time! Sixth Street is transformed into a street fair with bands playing on several stages, booths for food, crafts, and other vendors, and more… like jugglers who incorporate terrified children into the act to the delight of passersby.
Here’s some video of our set, courtesy of DaveTV!