The Fledglings

The Fledglings started in Philadelphia during the early 2000s by main songwriter Wayne Stovey. The band broke up around 2006, and Wayne moved to Austin. In 2010, he met Kat McNevins. One day, he came home from work and she had learned one of his songs from an old demo. They played their first show at a house party, and went on an East Coast tour within the next year. By using backing tracks, they remained a twopiece for a couple of years until they met Tim Swingle (bass) and later Tony Scarano (drums) to fill out the rhythm section.

Tim Swingle came to Austin in the Eighties. He made a splash on the scene playing bass in such bands as Hand of Glory and Doctors’ Mob.

Tony Scarano is a Los Angeles transplant who moved to Austin with his family in tow. He has played with Ten Feet Tall, recorded with Sam Jones on his album “My Front Porches,” and played with Sun City, a band fronted by Axxel G. Reese (from the Gears).

For a preview of our album, “We’re All Gonna Die,” check out our YouTube page here!

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